Unless you live in an area that is especially rainy or especially dirty, it’s probably not everyday that you use or think about your windshield wipers. So, it’s no surprise that wiper blades are some of the most neglected parts of an automobile. Commonly overlooked, worn wiper blades can, at best, leave your windshield less than clear; at worst, they can actually scratch and wear your windshield, causing damage that needs an auto glass repair professional to fix.

As part of your windshield replacement service, we will happily replace your worn-out wiper blades. We even replace rear wiper blades. Just ask! Because we have the make and model of your vehicle in our system already, it is a simple and convenient task that ensures your clear view while driving. We only use the best brands of wiper blades, and our techs make the swap out easy and hassle-free.

To specifically request wiper blade replacement services with your auto glass repair or replacement, simply ask us when you schedule your appointment.