Errant rocks flying into your windshield is, unfortunately, just one of those unavoidable annoyances of driving. But you shouldn’t live with the damage they leave behind for long. Unattended-to chips and breaks can quickly lead to windshield-wide cracks that aren’t repairable. To avoid having to replace your entire windshield, it is imperative that you have a professional auto glass company repair the damage as soon as possible with our quick and easy windshield repair.

At Omni Auto Glass in San Antonio, our certified techs have seen enough damaged windshields to know how to expertly repair any of the five types of chips or breaks.

The most common types of windshield damage include:

Bullseyes – referred to as such for its cylindrical, bulls-eye appearance

Star-breaks – these resemble a child’s drawing of a star, or a spider with missing legs

Half-moons – caused by debris hitting the shield at an angle, half-moons resemble semi-circular bullseyes

Cracks – unique in that they can form on either side of your windshield, cracks are also extremely vulnerable to worsening in both length and depth

Combinations – damage types that occur in conjunction with each other.

When damage is smaller than a quarter or shorter in length than a dollar bill, there is a great chance that complete windshield repair is feasible. Larger windshield cracks and chips will need to be assessed by a certified glass tech, but generally mean that replacement is necessary. Driven by integrity and honesty, we recommend only those measures that are important to the safety and functionality of your windshield.

Don’t let that rock chip sit. One dip in the road or speed bump can quickly change it from a mere nuisance to a costly expense. Call us now for prompt and efficient service. We’ll even work with your insurance company as needed.